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The Centre provides a friendly, supportive business community among peers that encourages growth and success at a business and personal level.

We offer an office suite along with all the services a business would require to operate.

A small/home business can be a lonely place for any business entrepreneur.

Low fixed rental rates include:

  • Reception Services
  • Electricity
  • Gas (heating)
  • Common area facilities and services
  • No fixed term leases – month by month leases for start up businesses.

Access to affordable professional facilities and services such as:

  • Telephone compulsory
  • Fax
  • Internet
  • Conference / Board Rooms
  • Photocopying
  • Secretarial services

The Ballarat Business Centre has 2 sites. The main building is located at Dawson House at 15 Dawson Street South and houses 47 serviced offices. View list of tenants here.

Our second industrial site is the Holmes Street Business Centre, located at Holmes Street, where we manage 8 Workshops.

The ultimate goal of a Business Centre is to help develop sustainable businesses, which in turn can improve the wealth and prosperity of the wider Community.

Business Centres’ foster a culture of entrepreneurship and provide opportunities for businesses to refer clients to one another and to participate in a range of learning and networking activities.

Being part of the Centre is far more than just locating new or small business into an office block in Ballarat’s CBD. At the Centre we are fortunate to have developed a lively business environment that encourages small business growth and prosperity. A number of successful businesses have already moved out of the Centre into the general business community and continue to prosper.

Tenants are encouraged to network both on a social and commercial level, often with the result that much business is transacted within the Centre. Alliances and partnerships are also encouraged, as they are an effective way to stimulate market share and growth.

Assistance is given by Centre Management to ensure their stay is productive and their business is given every chance of success. So if or when you need assistance, however small Centre Staff are there to assist.

You have the option of having a physical presence or taking on virtual tenancy. A virtual tenant means you can access the services of BBC but you don’t have an allocated office suite.