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Build your business by joining sales expert, Mike Boyle, from Sales Shift Global, and learn the secrets of the science behind selling .

Selling today is a totally different game. Are you in?

Without sales you can’t make a profit. Without profit you don’t have a business. Learn how to grow your sales, your profits, and your business.

When it comes to selling to today’s modern consumer, times have really changed. Salespeople today must know how to engage and interact with the “participatory” customer.

After this webinar you will leave with simple 2022 Business Insights focusing on Vision, Growth, Sales, People and Capability which will allow you to begin or continue a structured process to business growth in 2022 & beyond.

Be prepared to be challenged on your current thinking and to be open to insights that will offer an introduction to current trends and allow you to prepare actionable plans to implement going forward.

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