The Ballarat Business Centre provides premises, advice, services and support to new and growing businesses to assist them to become established and profitable. These services are provided over three sites:

Dawson Street Business Centre “Dawson House” – 15 Dawson Street South

Sturt Street Business Centre – 706 Sturt Street

Holmes Street Business Centre – 2b Holmes Street

Virtual Tenancy – Available at Dawson Street South

Ballarat Business Centre tenants are provided with their own workspace and a supportive environment in which to grow their business. Tenants share the Centre’s premises and have access to a range of support services.

The ultimate goal of a Business Centre is to help develop sustainable businesses, which in turn can improve the wealth and prosperity of the wider community.

If you are interested in becoming a tenant at one of the 3 sites the BBC has to offer or Virtual Tenancy, please find more information and an application form here.